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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Please Say!

It is just like a puzzle..
You have to try to make it true and clear..
I d0nt kn0w what you've done t0 me..
But it is really t0uch my heart..

Your eyes
your tongue
your hand
your leg
and also your heart
over all, you gave y0ur affacti0n for me
unf0rtunately, I c0uldnt understand it bef0re..

Your way makes me c0nfused, d0ubtful..
I think it is imp0ssible
you make me like toys
play and finish..
Like wind
c0me and go suddenly..

Do you ever think my heart?

N0w you go with0ut saying "GOODBYE"
and i have lost you
there's something missing in my heart
that's be l0nging of you

I miss y0ur eyes that can read my matter
i miss your tongue that always advises me and makes me believe on my talent
i miss your hand that always helps me sincerety
i miss your leg that always acc0mpany me to many places i want
i also miss your heart that really loves me perfectly

where are y0u n0w?
Is there y0ur shadow behind me?
I just want you to c0me
and to finish this story
solving the puzzle, you've given t0 me
although i d0nt h0pe much from the result
but it makes me calm and i can let you go..

Please say that word!
Make it clear!
Only y0u
only y0u
and only you can explain all.

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